General FAQ

How does attending FCC benefit me over going to a community college?

When making comparisons between colleges, there are typically two factors that are key in the decision-making process: cost and experience. Because SEU strives to make college affordable and accessible, we have structured tuition and fees to be comparable with many community college rates. So, the key factor then is the student experience. The partnership between SEU and FCC is designed to provide students with both a high-quality learning experience as well as an environment in which they can fully discover and develop their God-given divine design. It is an environment in which students are encouraged, strengthened, and challenged academically, personally, and spiritually.

How can I change my major or add a minor?

You can change your major or add a minor by filling out the major/minor declaration form. You will need to select your major in order for the minor options to display. Please note, since tuition is charged per credit hour, adding a minor will result in additional cost and may increase the amount of time it takes you to graduate.

Do my transcripts need to be official?

Yes, transcripts for both college and high school need to be requested from the institution and send directly to Southeastern University at 1000 Longfellow Blvd., Lakeland, FL 33801. Attn: Your Enrollment Counselor. All transcripts must be sealed.